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Healthy living is not a luxury:
natural colors, oils, glazes and paints ...

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Nothing is more important for our health
than the air we breathe!

One of BIOFA's top proirities in the effort to ensure a safe living environment

is the reduction of emissions that are also present in natural products.

The high quality standards of BIOFA products are confirmed by certifications

from independent institutions. Since our quality of life and that of our work

environment greatly affects our health and sense of sell-being, our interior

air quality must conform to various scientifically accepted thresholds of

pollutants and other harmful substances. Thus, efforts to reduce these

pollutants as much as possible, such as BIOFA's, are instrumental

in ensuring a higher quality of life for all.


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Wenn Ihnen Ihr Wohnklima, Nachhaltigkeit, und Umweltschutz am Herzen liegen

Prüfsiegel reichen nicht!

Als Verbraucher haben Sie ein Recht darauf, zu wissen, was Sache ist – zumal dann, wenn es um Produkte für die eigenen vier Wände geht. Das Grundprinzip von BIOFA ist, für Mensch und Tier gesundheitlich unbedenkliche, hoch wirksame ÖKO Produkte wie Farben, Öe, Lacke, Pflegemittel, etc. zu produzieren und auf den Markt zu bringen.



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The Safety and Quality of BIOFA Products are testable and quantifiable!


Since its founding in 1976, BIOFA has valued its holistic quality approach.


That means:

BIOFA examines in great detail and tests rigotously the quality and safety of its products from the origins of the raw materials
to the production , to the finishied product and the subsequent post-life recycling process. All BIOFA products are subject
to strict testing creteria, which vastly exceed those recommended by government legislation.


The quality of products and raw materials are also tested by independent institutes with the most modern testing methos;
in this way, we guarantee compliance with national and international standards.





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